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     Map a route that works for you.


Don't let crisis dictate options for care of your loved one. If you wish to learn about all options available both public and private and chart a course to successful aging, call Aging GPS today! 


Consult on aging, Graham Bashford provides solutions for seniors and their families looking for care and support in the Kawarthas. A one stop shop eliminates the arduous task of navigating the system alone.


Let Aging GPS take the wheel and help you implement the selected route. 


Aging can be daunting. There are so many options. The key to successful aging is planning. Don't wait until a time of crisis presents itself.

Let Graham work with you to chart an aging course:


  • Individualized to budget, needs and wants

  • Practical solutions both private and public

  • And many other services  

Monthly Support

Let Aging GPS take the wheel and implement the selected route:

  • Organization of available services both public and private

  • Downsizing

  • Customized budget, needs and wants

  • Aging in place

Planning for you and your family's future.